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Our outpatient and intensive outpatient programs are geared toward individuals seeking treatment for Substance Use Disorders (SUD). Groups and individual sessions help individuals to identify and address triggers and cravings, while creating person-centered recovery plans.


Our clinicians and support staff provide knowledge of the addiction and recovery process while assisting individuals with building positive life skills and support networks. We use evidence-based practices to provide individualized services in an atmosphere conducive to recovery. Program placement is determined by the ASAM placement criteria. Length of service varies for each individual and depends on several factors. 

Outpatient Treatment (OP) Services

In our outpatient group and individual counseling sessions, patients gain knowledge of the addiction and the recovery process. We assist individuals in building recovery skills, support networks, and creating relapse and recovery plans.

Intensive-Outpatient Treatment (IOP) Services

The IOP program offers a more intensive level of treatment while allowing patients to practice coping and recovery skills in their current environment. The program consists of individual, family, group counseling, and peer support services, in which clients meet 9 to10 hours per week. Morning and/or evening IOP sessions are offered 3 days per week. 

What to Expect and What We Expect from You

What to expect

  • All programs and services will be provided with dignity and respect by professional, well-trained staff members. All programs and services are accessible and engaging.

  • All personnel maintain confidentiality with personal health information collected. No information will be released without prior written consent. If there are those who must or should know about your care, please remember to give the organization permission to release only that information to which you consent.

  • You will pay affordable prices for services and programs. If you need financial assistance, our financial coordinator can assist you. Pillars4Hope accepts payments from SC Medicaid and SC Managed Medicaid Care organizations and some commercial insurances. Please provide us with benefit coverage information when you arrive.


What We Expect from You
The greatest result comes with maximum compliance. That means we expect you to: 

  • Make every effort to be on time for every scheduled service.

  • Be periodically screened for the presence of drugs or alcohol prior to appointed sessions. A positive drug screen result may be sent to a certified lab for verification at your expense.

  • Work with an assigned counselor in order to meet your treatment goals.

  • Consider involving your family and supportive others during the treatment process.

  • Develop a payment plan that is compatible with your income.

  • Keep payments current.


Additional Supports

Medication Assistance Treatment (MAT) Program
Those in treatment and individual or group therapy sessions are eligible to participate in the Pillars4Hope MAT Program. Our Medication Assistance Treatment program partners with local doctors to offer several different medications to treat alcohol and opioid use disorders. Patients in the program will participate in treatment therapy group and individual sessions. The program offers free MAT medication vouchers and physician appointments to qualifying individuals.  


Those in treatment and individual or group therapy sessions are eligible to participate in the Pillars4Hope MAT Program. Through our MAT Program, we partner with local doctors to offer medication options to treat alcohol and opioid use disorders. Qualifying individuals may receive medication vouchers.  

We provide transportation services for those in need of getting to and from treatment services. 

We offer financial assistance for patients transitioning through DSS Services. PAIRS is designed for DSS patients to remove barriers related to self-sufficiency. 



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