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About Us



We at Pillars4Hope are passionate about our work to reduce the negative impacts of substance use disorders. We provide addiction treatment and recovery services to people in our community who need us and are ready to do the work

with us. We also provide preventive services

to minimize future risk of addiction.

We are part of the fabric of this community, as many of us have lived our entire lives in Colleton County. Our patients know us and trust us. They come to us at points in their lives when they need support. They know they can count on us for help and hope. They come to believe, as we do, with hard work change is possible.

Substance abuse treatment is both challenging and rewarding. Patients who are suffering from this chronic disease can and often do have setbacks.

We never lose sight of how difficult it is for patients to acknowledge their illness, get treatment, and remain on the lifelong path to recovery. We will fight for a patient’s recovery as long and as hard as the patient is willing to fight. And, we will do so without judgment.

These are our heroes.

Their hard work is our reward.

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