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Programs & Services


Pillars4Hope offers an array of outpatient adult and adolescent treatment, prevention, intervention, and recovery services to aid individuals that suffer from the negative effects of substance use disorders in Colleton County and surrounding areas. 


Addiction is defined as a primary and chronic disease that involves complex interactions among brain, genetics, environment, and life experiences. Substance Use Disorders are treatable and, like other chronic disorders, must continue to be addressed over the course of a lifetime. Pillars4Hope uses evidence-based practices to conduct person-centered services in an atmosphere conducive to recovery. Program placement is determined by the ASAM placement criteria. The overall goal is to aid in improving the lives of patients and their families who are affected by the consequences of substance use.                    


Pillars4Hope treatment programs are designed to equip patients with the skills they need to establish and maintain life in long-term recovery.


The road to addiction is often filled with warning signs. Some are physical. Many are behavioral. Early intervention can help prevent a lifetime struggle with this chronic disease.


Pillars4Hope works collaboratively in our community to keep people healthy and free from problems related to alcohol or other substance use.


Certified Peer Support Specialists who are in long term recovery use their personal experiences to help others through their own unique recovery by building bridges, removing barriers, and empowering them to live self-directed lives.

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